spring 2018


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Interesting Projects

Focused on Mokume Gane

From Graphic Design to Polymer (Bettina Welker)

Polymer Clay Women

- Maggie Maggio

Pink Quartz Imitation

- Ludmila Bakulina

Polymer Week 2018

Visit at Martina Malášková’s studio

The Story of Enkhe Tserenbadam

Flowery Wreath

- Iryna Limanska

Polymer Clay Women

- Stéphanie Kilgast

Secrets of Sketching

Copper Garden Necklace

- Julia Zhilenkova

Drunk pirate

- Ali Khalkhali

Fairytale Tree

- Petr Slanina

How to Create a Collection
 (Izabela Nowak)

Polymer Clay Women

- Christine Dumont

 Sky Full of Stars

- Karina Formanova

Big Ideas Happen in Small Spaces

Blooming Windows

- Hanni Viktorová

Necklace on the Wave of Spring

- Daniela Klein

Striped Tubes

- Debbie Crothers

Hollow Beads

- Anna Bragina

Colorful Cats

- Melissa Terlizzi

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Polymer Clay Women

- Christine Dumont