Polymer Week Magazine: Taking good photos isn’t easy

Taking good photos isn’t easy


Nikol Bruncová

We are enthusiasts for creating, there is no doubt about it. When we get an idea, we get an incredible flood of enthusiasm and energy, and we’d love to work on it right now. And if we do that and create something our own, something that we’re really proud of, then it’s the feeling! At times when I feel I’m moving forward, only “wow” goes through my head.

This is a process that every polymer artist definitely enjoys the most. But just as a businessman has to do things he does not like, an artist has to deal with how to show his work to the world, how to value and sell his products. My more intense passion, than the polymer clay, has become photography and an overall thinking about visual identity. For many of you, taking photos of your own products may not be favorite activity. I understand you. Finding your style of photography is as demanding as finding your style of creating. It is not easy to learn to use a camera or even to choose the one that is right for our needs. But when we go through this process and understand what we want and why (like what our life is about), we get a great feeling that the camera works for us and does not do what it wants as it once did. In addition, we get the exact results that we imagined. Everything can be learned, a quick process of shooting and processing. Just have a system that suits you and don’t be afraid to constantly try and discover.


In creating we try to find our own style, to be recognizable. Photos of our products are more important than we can admit. We can take photos in a one-color background and have a “studio” style of photos, we can take pictures in nature and have a “natural” style, or have own favorite decorations and achieve a “still-life” style. I’m kidding with these names. Anyway, there is another option, I think, that can address best. And to capture the thing we are photographing when it is used. It can be jewelry wearing by a lady or even by the artist himself, who will be more the face of his products. From a photo like this, it is immediately clear to the potential client what the product’s parameters are and how it looks like when it is worn.

Really good photos of our products will move us to a higher level, from several points of view. It says that we take our work seriously and have high standards. And if we are not a professional and we want to become one, then we are not far off.  A good photo gives us a great image and, among other things, sells our product. Photo is a powerful tool and I am constantly fascinated by what a strong medium it is. Do not forget to think of everything from the whole to the detail. One beautiful photo does not save hundreds of bad ones. Sticking with your style is the right way to go.


The easiest and cheapest technique

is to shoot in natural light, but it also has some disadvantages that we can learn to work with. It can be weather variability.


One day it is cloudy, then the sun shines directly, and although we take pictures at home, the pictures are different due to the light. Either we wait for the same light conditions, or we'll learn to use the camera to get a similar result. We need to plan the shooting a little and take photos at a time when there is plenty of light. We do not shoot anything at night, it makes sense. Please, do not use the internal flash of the camera, we will never shoot a photo with good light with it.


Thinking about our style of taking a photo: Let's take a look at your photos, that you present yourself with, from the whole to the detail. Do we have a united style? If not, what can we do next time for it? Definitely don’t be disappointed if we do not present as we wish. Nobody is perfect and nothing is right now. Let’s be patient and take small regular steps to get where we wish.


I cross my fingers for you to be the happiest about how you present your work. I would be glad to help you through social networks or email. I look forward to seeing you when taking a photo, maybe during my workshops about jewelry shooting.





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