Polymer Week Magazine: The Creation Process by Olga Nicolas

The Creation Process by Olga Nicolas

Most people use the word inspiration to talk about the creative process. Inspiration is something that happens suddenly and imposes itself totally to the artist. Inspiration often looks like an illumination, as if a higher force intervened and leads to a higher artwork that completely surpasses the others. Inspiration then gives masterpieces that survive their author through the centuries.


The process of creation may be more personal, related to the experience and history of the artist himself, his character, his efforts and the society in which he evolves. When I progress in a project, I often ask myself the same question: “What is my initial idea? What preceded? Why am I moving in this direction?”


I have not always had this questioning but I was hit by accusations a few years ago and I needed to analyse my creative process. At first this was a research related to the worry of being hurt again. Over the years, it has become a habit that helps me to see my evolution. It allows me to move forward and improve.




Most often positively: the decor used on my twist jewelry is born under the influence of anger.


I found this effect interesting because it was quite far from what I usually did. It allowed me to go in a direction that I would not have taken if I had experienced another emotion at that time.


But sometimes our emotions slow down our creativity. I think of an emotion such as fear. The fear of not being renewed, the fear of the glance of those close to us or of our colleagues on our work are powerful brakes.



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