the polymer clay men:

Jeffrey Lloyd Dever

Jeffrey Lloyd Dever first encountered polymer clay about 25 years ago when he walked into a art store to buy supplies for his graphic design studio. “There were two students rolling clay snakes and making simple beads out of this colorful new material, and I was immediately fascinated by the possibilities of this clay that was hard when cured. Nan Roche’s book The New Clay had just been released and it detailed a whole new world of possibilities with polymer clay. My inner child was captivated, and I walked out of the store with her book and a block of every available color of clay. The rest, as they say, is history.”



Jeff, who works as a graphic designer and illustrator, is literally surrounded by colors every day. His polymer art is not only amazingly colorful, but is created in a pleasant and sophisticated design. “I intentionally never took a class or made ever a cane, as I was committed to developing my own unique techniques. This is how my hollow form, and reinforced armature techniques were born. Soon I was exploring making vessels, then lidded boxes and soon jewelry. After a while I added wire and started to experiment with basketry and later teapots for the del Mano gallery in Los Angeles. The possibilities seemed endless when I later did installations at The Fuller Craft Museum, and twice at the Racine Art Museum,” says Jeff who is one of the few men who fell in love with polymer clay. “It is nice to start to see more men entering the field. I think we may bring a slightly different approach, not better nor worse, just different. When I started there were only a very few of us, and I feel that it actually may have helped my work to stand out and be recognized.”




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