eva hašková a dana phamová

When the polymer clay is not only a plastic for you


One beautiful summer afternoon, together with Dana Phamová, we met at the studio of Eva Hašková in Prague. Both of them are internationally well-known polymer clay artists who decided to fully devote themselves to the polymer clay. This devotion is well founded in their art. Both have their own and standing out style in which they push the boundaries of polymer art a little further, presenting this material to those who still see it as an ordinary piece of plastic. Interview by Lucy Štruncová


You two have been working with polymer clay for many years, but where did you see it for the first time?


Eva: It was just a coincidence. I met my friend one day with an amazing bead necklace and when I asked her where did she get it, she said she made it herself from polymer of course. That was the first impulse, sometime in 2007. It was clear to me then that I was going to make some jewellery at least for myself.


Dana: I think in my case it was the same year. I did not know polymer then and was only beading. My friend bought a pack of Fimo at that time - I remember the clay was in magenta color and she wanted to make the ear plugs earrings from it. It was also the first thing I was making.


Eva: Yeah, me too!


Dana: That was a hit then. Later, I made a variety of animals from the polymer, like bees and ladybirds. At first it looked rather distorted and ugly, but over the time I was getting better and I even had orders to make sixty pieces of them.


It’s funny that you both and me as well, we found the polymer clay thanks to one of our friends.


Dana: I remember at the beginning when nobody knew what to with it we boiled the polymer in the water like a Modurit (laugh).


When did you realise that polymer clay is the right material for you?


Eva: I’ve tried lots of creative techniques and materials, and I’ve always known that something like this would also be my job one day. But until then I did not find anything that would catch my interest enough to want to spend all day playing with it.  This was a breakthrough for me, and it was inevitable in the meantime that creating from polymer clay will be my job.




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