Polymer Week Magazine: Céline’s French Elegance

Céline’s French Elegance

On the polymer scene she is known as the author of unusual and minimalistic pieces. As one of the few she mastered the combination of polymer clay with other materials, however with the palette of colours and the individual shapes she keeps it simple. Her name is Céline Charuau. A French artist who demonstrates to people that with polymer clay you can achieve that fantastic design.


Celine you have been working with polymer clay for years now. Has it intrigued you with its possibilities and colours from the first time?

I had not considered at the beginning all the possibilities. What first interested me was the colour, the accessibility of the material and the price. But finally, day after day, I discover the possibilities of this matter which seems infinite.


Your pieces are made in simple, clean and minimalist style. Is this the way of creating you are choosing intentionally?

I do not create intentionally, I just execute what I have in mind. I suppose that the minimalist appearance is part of my taste for a certain design. And finally, it is easier to get balance when there are few elements to combine together. I like to create movement, a harmony between the elements and to play with colours.


A lot of your jewellery is made in organic style. Is nature and surroundings your inspiration, or you have other sources to look for ideas?

My first passion is nature and gardening, and it became of course my main source of inspiration. Shapes and colours seem unlimited. I have been interested in it for so many years that I have amassed an important stock of images in memory which allows me to create in a great variety of forms. I can only create if my source of inspiration appeals to me and seems beautiful to me.


What is your main income job?

I’m occupational therapist since 18 years now, working in a rehabilitation center. Since one year, I work 80% and I complete with the work of jewelry designer.



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