Polymer Week Magazine: Alessandro Venturini

Alessandro Venturini

Alessandro is a sculpture artist from Italy. In his 27 years he makes amazing sculptures and art, which is quite extraordinary in our polymer clay community. Since he was a child he have always had a strong attraction for the fantasy world and for his creatures. Dragons, griffins, demons, magicians and warriors in armor have always fascinated him, passion that gets on well with the most important war-game of fantasy miniatures to whom he started to play.


He assembled and painted hundreds of miniatures until one day he asked himself: “Would it be possible to sculpt miniatures on my own?” From there he discovered the existence of the polymer clay and he started to use the clay to give a life to his creatures on the battlefield. Bend the wire frame, make it solid and apply the Super Sculpey firm or Fimo and then sculpt it, bake everything and paint with acrylic colours.


“It seems like yesterday that I have started, instead it is 4 years that from the first timid attempts I grew up in technique and inspiration, passing from simple pieces for me to detailed miniatures and sculptures on commission, with the sole purpose of giving life to the dreams and the imagination of people,” says Alessandro. Now he spend most of his free time with detailed sculptures, one of them cane take about one week of hard work. The bigger more than three weeks, like dragons.



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